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Music of Us

Sweet and romantic storyline. There are hot sex scenes, but nothing off-putting (not for me, at least). The book follows Ryan’s feelings on starting a relationship with another man, something he doesn’t really know how to categorize just yet. And this after he just had an intimate experience with the song writer of the movie he was cast in! The pace is easy to read, as we are being presented the inner struggle of the main character and then the acceptance of what he is feeling and living.

The author included a spotify list of songs to be listened to for the best experience of advancing through the book. I found this quite lovely to have, to be honest.

The open ending is leading to the next book in the series, Dry Drowning, which apparently will tell the story of the guys being discovered as partners and their reaction to the world’s perception (currently reading it, so the review will follow shortly!).

Memorable quote: How do you find passion in your life when you don’t know where to look?

Spotify playlist available, so each section of the book would be best read while listening to certain songs – quite a nice way to create a multi-sensorial experience of reading a book.

I don’t want to be a spoiler, but the ending is leading to the next book in the series, Dry Drowning.

4 out of 5 Chili Pepper hot!  18+

Music of Us is the first in the series. Steamy beginning to a MM friends to lovers. Sweet love to laugh and cry a bit.

Best followed with book 2 – Dry Drowning that continues the love story as they face the media and their families with the realization that they fell in love with their best friend.

Happily-ever-after stories worthy of true romantics. 

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Dry Drowning

Dry Drowning

Book 2 in Music Series

The romance continues from Book 1 – Music of Us

The movie, where Josh and I first met as co-stars, had finished post-production. Things had changed. The low-budget movie that was supposed to go straight to streaming was receiving glowing reviews from the early screenings, much of it due to the on-screen chemistry between Josh and me. No one knew that on-screen chemistry had blossomed into an off-screen romance.

We had retreated to Portugal together to relax after the filming ended, or were we trying to escape the rumors that started? But we were about to be discovered. A near drowning incident at our local beach thrust us into the spotlight as heroes in Portugal while exposing our whereabouts and relationship in the US media. We had decisions to make. Our on-screen love affair that had blossomed to a real-life romance might be good for movie publicity, but exposing it will come at the cost of our privacy. It was time to go home and face the music.

4 out of 5 Chili Pepper Hot  18+

Continuation of series. Sweet love to laugh, love and cry a bit. Friends to lovers. Second chances. Happy endings. Music backdrop with beautiful secondary character for dessert! 18+

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a Book. About a Book.

Recommended:  Read this one first because it’s the story behind the other two romance books.

All this started April Fools Day 2021. A chain of events took me for a ride. Join me on the rollercoaster through a year of evolution during that final year of the pandemic (let’s hope so). From two broken arms through wild discoveries about contemporary romance genres and tropes to an obsession for two men I’ve never met. 

I hope I tell you a few things you don’t already know. At the very least, I hope I can make you laugh and maybe cry. The obsession is permanent but tamed, and I’m learning how to sleep again.

Mid-December 2021. Online research about celebrity press conferences for a chapter in the second book of my contemporary romance series about two male actors falling in love on a movie set. Interrupted by Amazon email telling me I would like to watch Harry Styles Live in Manchester concert. I’m not sure why Amazon thought this, but they have psychic powers, so I went along with it.

Obsession followed. Distressed because I thought he looked sad after I’d seen him in recent email news clips bouncing around on stage full of joy. I follow him on Instagram. Will investigate. First, I need to finish my book, but I’m distracted. Some issues I need to iron out before publishing. Did I put in too much sex or not enough? May need a pen name. Not sleeping. Eating Lean Cuisine for dinner instead of cooking. Drinking ten cups of coffee in the morning to wake up—tequila in the evening (or sometimes sooner). I had no idea what I was in for.

Within days I’m deep into “Larry” fandom and now I’m obsessed. At the same time, I’m continuing my research, trying to finish my second book in the gay romance series. Now I follow Louis Tomlinson on Instagram and now I’m streaming his current Walls tour concerts that started on February 1, 2022.

Debbi Lynn author, Dry Drowning