Energy And Passion

Some people radiate a fervor that’s infectious, turning mundane moments into exhilarating adventures. Every step they take is infused with purpose, and every challenge met is an affirmation of their undying passion for life. To be around them is to be constantly reminded of the infinite possibilities that come with determination, passion and courage.

How do they do it?  There are many ways to be creative. I encourage everyone to express themselves through journaling, poetry, short stories, and creating art. These mediums serve as a conduit for the soul’s language, allowing one to paint vivid images, weave intricate narratives, and capture the essence of moments both fleeting and eternal.
Every individual will find a canvas for their innermost thoughts, emotions, and experiences. I urge you to chronicle the tapestry of your human existence.

The Bridge

My role is to be a bridge between these passionate and courageous individuals and the world, amplifying their messages and narratives. By leveraging my experience, I guide those creators  ensuring their voices resonate with clarity and impact. Through my tailored strategies, I help set goals and navigate the process to reach them.

Although I work with many types of creators from companies to individuals, from artistic endeavors, book illustrators, and marketing/PR projects, my primary focus is on short stories, anthologies, and illustrative art.

short stories
Everyone has at least one story to tell. I bring my industry knowledge, editorial skills, and market insights to empower writers to focus their craft and reach their goals. I provide feedback on elements like narrative structure, pacing, and characterization, ensuring stories deeply resonate with readers.
Anthologies are like a "mixtape" in music. Individual selections are as important as how you organize the collection. I work with writers as well as curate and publish anthologies and actively seek new themes. I blend editorial expertise with market awareness to sculpt anthologies that resonate with readers.
Illustrative Art
As a gallery represented artist at one time, this is my favorite thing to do. I work with illustrative artists serving as a bridge between their work and getting their vision in print. Sometimes this is an anthology as well; a collection on a theme. I also curate portfolios to showcase a unique style for the market.

A Bit of Past Work

Short Stories
With emotional complexity, the short story enhances ideas that can outmatch the novel in terms of intensity.
Books / portfolios
Individuals or businesses: designs for clients, gifts or portfolios.
Keepsakes / gifts
A gift of treasured memories can be the best gift of all.
A paradox of probability predicts the overall outcome is made up of many singular events, all unpredictable.
Graphic arts
All art speaks. Graphic art elevates the form and speaks in a whisper that's louder than a voice.

Creatives: Watch this space

The LT Book Project is Closed for Submissions
If you need information about this project, please use the contact form.

With a rich background in public relations, I bring a unique lens to the creative world. My expertise is about crafting a message, understanding audiences, honing narratives, and helping artists reach their goals while ensuring the artist’s voice remains authentic yet powerfully resonant.

I am frequently looking for creatives for a specific project. If you are an illustrative artist, write short or thematic stories, have a need for a portfolio for your art or a gift, or have an idea for an anthology, send me a message.


Former owner of a busy PR agency in San Francisco focused mostly on advanced technologies. In 2015 I traded chaos for clarity. Now, as a writer, creator and artist, I seek the extraordinary in the everyday. I steer clear of hype, gravitating towards clients with authenticity, vision, and courage.