Sky Burton, Romance Author

Every story delivers a seductive landscape and sensuous escape into a world where cats and dogs never die but everything else is possible.

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ELEMENTS is a sexy and genre-twisting sci-fi based on real facts and events, places, timelines, technologies, and organizations at the beginning of data science on earth…but where and why it began will have you questioning your reality.


Sara Bryn Kenyon believes she’s just a young data scientist until she discovers the mysterious connections between her son Jax (Jackson) and long-term friends Tom, a retired cartographer on the verge of mental collapse and Drake, a brilliant and gay former model turned AI gaming entrepreneur.

As they begin to unravel their entangled relationships and strange powers, they discover it was not by accident. A strange being has brought them together for a world changing task. Their knowledge and unique abilities could save the future if they are willing to believe and act in time.


In March 2020 Catherine Reynolds-Carter received a letter from a lawyer in Maldonado, Uruguay. The letter was to inform her that Sara Bryn Kenyon’s home near Piriápolis had been confiscated by authorities.

Within a week, Sara’s good friend Catherine flew to Piriápolis to retrieve Sara’s belongings. Among the personal effects and property was a large wood and leather trunk with marks and carvings that seemed to be very old. It was one of the few items Catherine took back to the USA.