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LT Project
Closed for Submissions

Deadline was:  January 14, 2024

Expected completion:
March 1, 2024

Guidelines LT Project

You been invited to submit your photos, art or writing for this project. Please read the information below and use the form to submit your work. If you cannot use that form you can use the email that has been provided to you. If your work is accepted you will be notified. But be patient it’s taking me a while to get through everything. Expected book availability on Amazon and other POD platforms Mid-March 2024.  

What is the book about?

The book is about the symbiotic relationship between Louis and his fans. It is a dedication to a man who is an inspiration and comfort to many people. The focus is his resilience, courage, and music and how that impacted your life. We are primarily  focused on the Walls / FITF tour timeframe. Things are changing for him and this book will document fan moments. How has he impacted your life? Do you feel like he made you a better person? Did you make new friends because of him? 

The content will only be about Louis and no work will be accepted (or it will be modified) if it contains anything about his private life.

I want work from as many countries as possible.


Full color 8×10 paperback. A hardbound will also be created and may be slightly different and possibly separately printed so they can be customized (not promising that, I’m working on it). It will be published on Amazon internationally and other outlets.

Here’s what I want:

Writing: Poems, short stories, love notes, excerpts from your journal after a show, narratives about love of all kinds and that might be your feelings for him, or your feelings for your partner or your friend, or what you learned about yourself because of him. Love for a child or a parent or someone that passed. How did he inspire you? 

Specifications:  Each story, narrative or poem, should be 100 to 500 words. All work may be edited to fit, for clarification, aesthetics, or copyright protection. 

Photos:  Please send original (full resolution) size. I’m looking for barricade photos or video (I will clip a photo from video if the resolution is good enough). Photos of the bonds you have with friends. Wearing his merch. I would prefer photos not showing faces. If you show your friends faces they will also need to submit this form as a photo release. Photos of him holding someone’s hand. The one with the hand in his hair. Someone touching his shoulder.

Art and Photos wanted: Barricade or other photos or good video (for clips), memorabilia, autographs, collaborative projects. I also want traditional art. I am also looking for a few two-page spreads so a photo of concert lights for instance or anything that can be cropped to approximately 15 in wide by 4 in high. Your photo. High resolution.

Other ideas:  How his music has affected your life, poetry (preferred: lyric, elegy, free verse), tour and concert growth, something funny or witty, fan created poster, a collage of your tickets, a page from your travel journal, illustrations including eyes, lips, hands, shoes, clothing.

Questions / Answers

Can you put sex in the story or poem? Yes, but. I want the book to be mass consumable so nothing explicit. I would love to see some poetry and art related to physical love (tastefully and not about Louis).

Will all artwork and photos be includedThat’s a touchy copyright issue that will be reviewed case by case. Your art or photo may be modified for copyright protection such as put into a collage or enhanced to be transformative. By submitting art or photos you are agreeing to any needed modifications.

What about AI art?  Not if generated. Only for enhancing. 

Will it be available in other languages?  For now it will be in English but I am talking to someone about editing for at least one other language, probably Spanish.

Will there be a signature page? Yes. There will be a page or two for just signatures or your name. Use a unique name (or social handle) as there are many name duplicates. Include your country. You can include one line of text if you like. Use the form below and put your name and line of text in the Additional Comments section.

Who owns the work once it’s submitted and will I get credit?  You retain rights. You will be given full credit for each piece used in the book.  You can use whatever name you like, be sure and state that when you submit the work. Be sure your name is unique, there are duplicates already.  

Who gets the profit on the book sales?  This is a not-for-profit project. I am donating my time. Except for hard costs, including attorneys fees for copyright review and the work of other professionals such as editors, profits will be donated to LT charities (TBD).

Will he see this book?  Yes

Sign Please and Return.  I asked for a PHOTO RELEASE. Here is the form OR you can submit photos, art and writing using the form below.

Just a Few More Things

Before you submit your files please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. 

However, by submitting work here or directly through email or social media you are agreeing to these terms.

You release your work and agree to let Skylar Burton Publishing (SBP) use that work with edits, photo enhancements, excerpts, partials or cropped images or modifications, if necessary, for use in this book and any language translations of the book that may come later and for public relations or marketing for the book. Rights: You retain all rights to your original work.

You acknowledge that some work, whether writing, art, photographs, or any other work submitted may be edited, modified, combined into a collection, or enhanced as needed for aesthetics, to fit the space, or for copyright protection.

You acknowledge that the material you submit is the your own creative work (you took the photo, created the art, or wrote the words). All photos and artwork will be reviewed by an attorney for copyright compliance. Work may be modified or edited by SBP for compliance.

Submission of work does not guarantee placement in the book.

I do not share or sell your information. I respect and honor the privacy and intellectual property of the Author(s).

No information regarding any Author’s personal details including email addresses or other contact data will be disclosed to any third parties without the express permission of said Author, unless it is necessary to share such details with an editor or designer on this project.

Please fill out this form and submit the work using the file upload links below. Each file upload is 15 MB maximum. File type accepted: docx, jpg, png. If you have a large file (video MP4) or would rather use a Google Drive link you can put that link in Additional Comments to skyantares28 AT gmail…

Photo Release: I hereby grant Skylar Burton Publishing permission to use my likeness in a photograph, video, or other digital media including web-based publications, without payment or other consideration.